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Cloud Migration Services

Cost effective cloud migration to AWS and Azure

Cloud Migration

Migration is the effort of moving away from outdated, inefficient or ineffective technology.

Drivers that influence migration decisions include process burden, costs and end of life.  Convergency’s approach to cloud migration includes:

  • Discovery and analysis

  • Strategy

  • Planning

  • Mitigation

  • Execution

  • Support

Often, systems and data move in different directions and for different purposes.  Moving systems and data to the cloud or to another cloud provider can significantly reduce overall costs through enterprise agreement pricing.  Convergency uses data migration strategies to significantly reduce our customers costs.  Migrations from Hadoop to Amazon Redshift are two ways in which we help reduce compute costs up to 45 percent.

Migration is more than just moving to the cloud; it is solving for what to do once you land in the cloud or land in another cloud.  Support planning and transition are key factors in migration success.

5 Cloud Migration Considerations

Convergency's approach is based on experience. We address issues before the become problems:

1.  There is no single solution. For example, a database is a database is a database, until the collation sequence is not supported in its target environment.  Our assessment identifies these types of issues before they arise.  We work with your teams to resolve the conflict and test a viable solution.
2.  Do not underestimate the impact of/to the business. Business-driven delays such as blackout dates changing and 3td party vendor issues such as application upgrade schedules changing impact migration schedules.  Convergency implements a communication plan to ensure all parties are aware of project timelines.  Convergency prepares for migration by ensuring readiness before launch.  Strong communications ensures everyone is aware of the plan, the benefits of the program/project and its value.
3.  There will be 2 mortgages for a period of time.  Until you can terminate services in the source environment, you will be incurring expenses for run-time operations and licenses until test intervals complete and a successful cut-over is declared.  Convergency's plans identify potential risks in these areas.  We identify responsible parties to ensure there is accountability to timelines.
4.  You shine the light.  As we prepare for migration, and as we make our way through test plans, we uncover things that were taken for granted.  For example, as sales team realizes once a test plan is drafted that there's a certain set of data or certain system dependencies that they had not realized earlier.  The extent to which it affects schedules varies. Convergency is prepared for this re-planning exercise.  
5.  Cost visibility is important. We can't stress this enough.  Some of our customers have subsets of team members who are responsible for vendor agreements.  While others are responsible for managing compute and storage deployments.  One team is aware of what things cost.  Another is not.  No one knows whether your organization is overpaying for compute and storage instances, or not. Convergency solves this during the migration phase by defining cost controls, gaining access to invoices and measuring cost performance.  You have full cost control while Convergency is engaged.

Convergency performs data migrations in the US, Europe and Asia.  We address regulatory, compliance and organizational needs at every step.  Our team addresses the risks and issues to ensure your migration goals and objectives are met.  Convergency specializes in cloud and data migrations in heavily regulated environments.  Our customers include global corporations with annual revenue exceeding $10bn USD.

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