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Business Intelligence Solutions

Certified BI Administrators and Developers to Suit Your Budget

Business Intelligence Solutions That Matter

Convergency's Business intelligence (BI) consulting solutions help your organization gain value from your business data

Through our business intelligence consultants, your team will better understand and utilize your business data to draw meaningful conclusions about customer behavior, business performance, financial details, product trends, and more. 

Through Convergency's business intelligence consulting services, organizations make informed decisions that result in increased efficiency and cost savings. Convergency's business intelligence consultants provide expertise on how to analyze and interpret large amounts of data. Our team identifies trends and patterns that can be difficult for business owners or managers to spot on their own. 

When it comes to BI consulting projects, one size doesn’t fit all. Your business has unique needs when it comes to analyzing your data. Convergency's business intelligence consultants have access to a wide range of tools and techniques that can be customized to meet any business requirement. From predictive analytics and data mining, to reporting and visualization, Convergency's business intelligence consultants are experienced in tailoring our services to your business’s specific needs. 

Convergency's business intelligence consulting service is an invaluable asset for companies looking to get the most out of their business data. By leveraging BI solutions, you gain insights to make better decisions and improve overall performance. With the help of our business intelligence experts, you ensure that your organization gets the most from your business information. 

Modern business intelligence solutions offer special features such as dashboard creation, custom report building, automated alerts/notifications among many other features that help business owners save a great deal of time. Convergency's business intelligence consultants are equipped with the tools and knowledge to set up and implement business intelligence solutions effectively so that your business can monitor progress, track performance metrics and evaluate customer trends quickly. 

Convergency's Business Intelligence Solutions


Power BI

Certified Power BI Administrators and Developers

Examples of Convergency's Power BI experience include:
  • Business intelligence dashboards connected to traditional SQL Server databases for manufacturers to assess production and shipping cycles as well as to predict customer demand;
  • The use of Power BI to develop Azure Analysis Services tabular models for pharma R&D operational metrics (studies, sites, personnel, etc.) as well as dashboards that identify clinical study performance trends;
  • Law firm operational metrics to identify case costs, settlements and process cycles. 


Certified Tableau Server Administrators and Developers

Examples of Convergency's Tableau experience include:

  • Tableau Server deployment and administration in 2 global pharma organizations - managing upgrades and system performance as well as helping the organizations mature their dashboard development processes;
  • Tableau dashboard development to measure HR recruitment, hiring, termination and salary trends across US, Asia and Europe;
  • Tableau dashboard development to monitor clinical study financial costs - highlighting trend variances. 
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