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Updated: Sep 23, 2020

As your NetScaler environment experiences growth, in size and scope, management of the environment increases complexity. This is even more pronounced as you move beyond a single instance, span multiple data centers and embrace a hybrid cloud model.

Maintaining consistency in NetScaler firmware, security and configuration can be a daunting task in complex environments. Inconsistences will often result in gaps in security and compliance. Deploying NetScaler Management & Analytics System, or NetScaler MAS, helps identify and mitigate the risks and ease your pain. NetScaler MAS provides a central management console for all platforms (VPX, SDX, CPX or MPX) and all deployment models (on-premise, cloud or hybrid). NetScaler MAS provides you many key benefits of which include:

  • Centralized, comprehensive role-based access control (RBAC)

  • Automated provisioning of NetScaler services

  • Analytics that provide actionable application insights

  • An application-centric view of NetScaler services and infrastructure

  • SSL Certificate consistency across all deployments

  • Configuration templates that standardize and simplify deployment

  • Firmware patch scheduling to minimize downtime

  • Logging to adhere to compliance requirements

  • API access for third-party orchestration and automation tools

NetScaler MAS provides a single management interface for centralized management and configuration for all your NetScaler instances. Through MAS, you also gain access to stylebooks to accelerate setup and deployment of NetScaler features for applications such as Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, Skype for Business, and Google Apps, just to name a few.

For organizations that have invested in enterprise orchestration and automation tools, such as Ansible or Terraform, NetScaler MAS provides an API provides for seamless integration. Tools like Ansible, Chef, Puppet and Terraform provide you with the ability to implement Infrastructure-as-Code or desired state configuration to enforce standards in your deployments and maintain consistency.

Digging into application insights, we see that by defining how applications map onto the NetScaler configuration it becomes much easier to determine the state of an application and use the application-centric approach to more easily collaborate with the application owners. This is further enhanced by using an application health score based on the industry standard APDEX scoring of user satisfaction in addition to other performance metrics and assessment of security threats.

NetScaler MAS provides an application dashboard that integrates an application health score and threat visibility into a single pane of glass that can be drilled down into to provide details and management of all aspects of application performance.

Using role-based access control, application owners and developers can access these metrics for their application. This simplifies management of the application lifecycle by allowing these developers and application owners to directly manage their applications. Administrators can provide templates to allow for simple implementation of NetScaler functionalities required by their applications.

NetScaler MAS is a single virtual machine that can be deployed on XenServer, VMware, Hyper-V, and Linux KVM hypervisors. NetScaler MAS simplifies your life and eases your management issues.

Convergency LLC is an IT consulting and advisory firm that specializes in cloud architecture, cloud migration, cloud audit and security risk management services.

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