Convergency Announces Analytics and Cloud Solutions to

Help Companies Navigate through the Coronavirus

Provides remote solutions for implementing

data analytics and cloud-based systems during crisis situations

March 31, 2020 

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - Convergency LLC, a consulting and advisory firm for pharmaceutical, healthcare, and other heavily-regulated industries, today announced an expedited, cloud-based tech approach for companies to effectively deal with pandemics such as the Coronavirus and other emergency situations.  Convergency enables a fully operational, 100 percent remote workforce, while sustaining productivity levels, and keeping existing processes in place.  Even in today’s lockdown situation, Convergency’s team conducts project operations  remotely.

Convergency recently developed a Business Intelligence portal for a global pharmaceutical company, enabling instant sharing of data from 21 clinical trial studies on the COVID-19 epidemic.  Convergency enables pharma companies to rapidly adopt new technologies to quickly evaluate the effectiveness of drugs on COVID-19, and other health issues. Its accelerated data analytics process cuts typical implementation times up to 70 percent, while adhering to regulatory and compliance requirements. 

“The race to find treatments and possible cures for COVID-19 is in full force.  For drug discovery, having timely and relevant data, and seamless data sharing, is a critical part of finding the solution.” said Brian Nigl, CEO of Convergency.  “With millions of workers and companies relegated to home offices during this Coronavirus outbreak, and for other future emergency situations, it’s essential that data can be easily shared and made widely available.  Companies must build robust, cloud-based systems to account for their workforce being remote.”

Crisis Calls for new IT Paradigm

To avoid being crippled by a crisis or pandemic such as COVID-19, it is essential that businesses continue to invest in areas that drive long-term growth.  Four elements that companies must consider when evaluating their business strategy include:

  1. Data Analytics & Insights – Whether assessing the competitive landscape or evaluating operational strength, data drives effective decision-making.  Convergency has helped companies in the U.S., Europe and Asia ingest, transform and analyze massive amounts of data to reveal value and opportunity in the market as well as demonstrate the results of operating efficiencies and effectiveness.

  2. Cloud Adoption & Migration – Organizations that embrace the cloud understand the value of organizational transformation and the opportunity to get more done with less resources.  Convergency has been helping multinational companies in the U.S., Europe and Asia move to and adopt the cloud to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

  3. Process Improvement – Some of today’s challenges deal with collaboration and productivity issues.  Convergency’s team of Lean Six Sigma professionals have implemented process improvement projects to reduce waste and improve efficiency at some of the largest pharmaceutical companies.

  4. Operating Costs – Budgets are under significant scrutiny.  Companies in the U.S. and Japan have recently implemented Convergency’s cost control strategies to significantly reduce operational spending in private and public cloud. 


Convergency brings extensive knowledge and experience of implementing large-scale, global systems.  The company provides a fast and cost-effective way to centralize digital assets in the cloud for emergency and crisis situations.

“Convergency helped our company prepare for working through this crisis, and the system they designed and implemented worked seamlessly,” said Mr. Shoto-san at a leading Japanese Pharmaceutical Company.  “Convergency moved our systems to the cloud, streamlining our technology infrastructure, while cutting our operating costs by more than 50 percent.  They focused on our needs, and developed a scalable solution that met our global requirements, while avoiding downtime to our staff.” 

“As we lay witness to the events unfolding before us, we must remember that America was built on our ability to endure, our ability to succeed and our desire for a better future for ourselves and our children,” Mr. Nigl added.  “This crisis shall not last. This is the time for organizations to invest in new projects and put people back to work. This is what the American dream is built upon.”

About Convergency LLC

Convergency is an advisory and consulting firm focused on serving the needs of life sciences, healthcare and financial organizations. Convergency unlocks value in data, revamps processes to lower costs and accelerates time-to-market, while increasing shareholder and patient value. Convergency has a track record of delivering “right-sized” solutions with greater speed and effectiveness than traditional consulting firms.


Convergency was founded by Brian Nigl, who has over 30+ years experience in heavily-regulated industries, helping businesses transform and achieve competitive advantage. Follow us on social media: LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.