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Cloud Architecture Services

Our global clients trust us to design and build their most critical systems in the cloud - not because we have good processes, not because we know how to address regulations and compliance and not because we deliver on time.


We earn our clients trust by focusing on their individual success.

Our Reputation

You've probably never heard of Convergency.  And, that's ok.  That means all that we can rely on is our experience and our reputation. 


Some of our Cloud Architecture accomplishments include:

  • We are the team that recently displaced PwC on a global data hub built in Azure.  What PwC could not deliver in 8 months, we were able to design and build in 2 months.  Our client spent hundreds of thousands of dollars and was about to cancel the project, when we stepped in to save the design and build phase.  Not only did we complete the build on time, but thanks to further help from us, our client finished their entire project 2 months ahead of schedule.

  • Some times, we are not the first design and build team.  In Europe, we were tasked with solving for a cloud-based records management solution that failed to meet business objectives and had significant performance issues.  Our architects stepped in to correct the design, and in the process, we were able to help our client save over $10,800 (9,100 EU) per month in operating expenses.

Our Experience Beyond the Cloud

Anyone can be taught to build a cloud solution.  Convergency's experience goes beyond the technical aspects.  Our experience solves for: