First Data Analytics Solution Built and Delivered in Record Time for a Global Pharmaceutical Company
Azure Platform-as-a-Service Lowers Life Sciences IT Costs, Transforms Processes and Improves Reliability


Life Sciences

Innovation and simplification are key drivers for many of our life sciences clients. Current practices are aligned towards traditional IT processes - building and maintaining infrastructure. In today's world, competitive advantage is more critical than ever. A global pharma client is fundamentally changing its approach to implementing technology solutions and, in the process, delivering patient value and shareholder value.


Convergency was tasked with delivering a solution that reduced process overhead, eliminated out-of-date support practices and improved time-to-market. 


Our client is a huge Microsoft proponent, which greatly helped strengthen our case for Azure.  Our consultants developed an innovative solution using modern Azure Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) components. They identified key bottlenecks in the client's current processes, determining lag time in implementing solutions.  Next, they solved for each process bottleneck by selecting technology practices and designing processes to demonstrate reduced completion time.  By implementing a pilot project, our consultants proved the Azure PaaS solution would exceed its objectives. 


Our consultants transformed processes from the traditional Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) practices. The resulting production deployment was a huge win for the IT organization, reducing overall deployment time from 3 months to 3 weeks.


The solution reduced compute expenses by 60% compared to traditional IaaS offerings.  Overall, the client gained increased efficiencies - a 72% reduction in on-going support costs and 24 hours of reduction in overall support each month.  The solution saved the company over $100,000 annually - return on investment was realized in 14 months.


This approach now serves as a strategy for deployment globally within the organization.


Key deliverables included:

  • Reduced compute costs in Azure - a 60% reduction compared to traditional hosting

  • 72% reduction in recurring supports costs

  • Continuous integration and continuous deployment patterns to reduce the time it takes to develop, implement and test application code - cutting deployment cycles from 10 days to 5 days

  • Ability to continue to host internal applications and data with minimal project expense

  • Elimination of OS & middleware upgrades, patches and security fixes - eliminating over 24 hours of support every month

  • Simplified approach to change management processes


Life Sciences


IT Strategy & Transformation
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Designed to

  • Lower compute costs by 60%
  • Reduce support costs by 72%
  • Improve time-to-market through continuous integration / continuous deployment
  • Eliminate OS & middleware upgrades, patches and fixes
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