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AWS audit


Automated, easy-to-use

audit dashboards to asses

your AWS environment

Are you concerned who has access to data in your AWS account?  Are you in need of adhering to licenses data agreements? Do you need to demonstrate to internal auditors that you adhere to company policy as well as to regulatory mandates?

Convergency's AWS Audit & Compliance Accelerator helps ensure you remain compliant with regulatory and contractual agreements.  We supply you with the automation and dashboards to gain visibility into your environment. Our AWS Audit & Compliance Accelerator you 90% of the effort of building the automation tools and dashboards from scratch.  We work with you to focus on the 10% of auditing controls and compliance requirements that are unique to your business.

We make auditing your AWS environment a breeze by addressing concerns related to access to data, adherence to regulation and compliance with company policy and specialized data contracts.  Auditors and compliance teams gain easy-to-use visual insights to answer key questions, such as:

  • Which users have local logins in Redshift and other databases, bypassing SSO controls?

  • What schemas and permissions are applied in Redshift, Redshift Spectrum, Hadoop, MySQL, SQL Server and Postgres databases?

  • Which users are in violation of data purchase agreements?

  • Who has access to confidential data across the environment?

  • Which AWS IAM (Identity & Access Management) users have elevated permissions (think access to storage accounts thanks to permissions on a VM)?

  • How much exposure is there to data residing in S3 buckets?

  • Are users being off-boarded according to company policy?

  • Which users haven't logged in over the past 90 days?

  • When was contractual data last refreshed?  Is it stale?

Figure 1: Identity & Access Management dashboard identifying accounts that lack Multi-Factor Access setup

What is included:

  • Our Automation Framework collects and preserves your audit data

  • Our AWS QuickSight Dashboards to gain insight into your audit data

  • Customization of scripts and dashboards that align with how your operation adheres to regulation, company policy and contractual requirements.

This product addresses the needs of companies in heavily-regulated industries, including but not limited to:

  • Life Sciences (governed by FDA & EMA)

  • Healthcare (governed by DHHS, HIPAA)

  • Financial Services (governed by SEC, FINRA, NYDFS)

  • Energy & Utilities (governed by FERC, FCC)


We offer a 90-day money back guarantee and free updates to our automation framework and dashboards for one year.

Our customers have saved hundreds of hours in audit work each year.  This service pays for itself in labor reduction alone.

We'd love to show you how easy it is to get started auditing your AWS environment.  Please fill out our form to start a conversation.

Bonus: Automated AWS IAM Key Rotation

As an added bonus to our AWS Audit Accelerator solution, we include our Automated AWS IAM Key Rotation tool. 

IAM Key Rotation is difficult to implement and even more difficult to enforce manually.  The Convergency Automated AWS IAM Key Rotation tool provides the following functionality:

  • Every 90 days a new IAM user access key is generated and an email notification sent to the IAM users

  • 30 days following key rotation, the old AWS IAM user access key is disabled

  • 60 days following key rotation, the old AWS IAM user access key is deleted

What you get:

  • Elimination of manual steps and gaps

  • Adoption of AWS' IAM key rotation best practices

  • Peace of mind